Poor Governance in SA |  Citizens Are Dejected Over Lack of Service Delivery

…"Residents say politicians have become the "BIGGEST" schemers in the country"...

31 July 2023 - WRITER

BLOEMFONTEIN - Residents in Phomolong declare politicians as the "BIGGEST" schemers in South Africa.

They say they have lost hope in them and their respective political parties.

"We do not see why we should vote as nothing ever changes, the living conditions in this area are dire and have remained the same for the longest time. Voting only benefit political office-bearers and their elites," says a resident who asked to remain anonymous.

A number of these residents have further explained that various leaders and representatives from opposition parties and even the ruling party have visited Phomolong; they have witnessed the poor living conditions people live under but all they ever make is empty promises when liaising with them, as the community.

"I am not going to vote Mme come 2024 general elections because we vote to give other people the lavish life," says Jaku Mokone.

EFF's 10th Year Anniversary | A massive celebration of the Economic Freedom Fighters

30 July 2023 - WRITER

…Party supporters came in numbers to celebrate the EFF's 10th anniversary at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg...

JOHANNESBURG - This Saturday, the EFFs' electorates overflowed the FNB Stadium in celebration of the party's on going growth and resilience in the 10 year period.

CIC Julius Malema contentedly told the electorates and supporters that they have disappointed and proven wrong journalists present at the event who wrote the party off claiming it will not last a year.

He said, as a party, they have arrived were the doomsayers never thought they would; that they would never achieve the 1% of the vote; that the organization was formed out of anger; and would never last.

In his speech, Malema further said their adversaries once said the EFF stands for E Feta Fela (it is passing by); however he asked E Feta Eya Kae? (it is passing whereto?).  "The EFF is going nowhere; it is still here; and it will remain whether they like it or not bana ba baloi (children of the witches) watching and witnessing history today", Malema.

Malema encouraged South Africans, but in particular, the youth to vote for the EFF in the coming 2024 General Elections.